The top desired coffees for the UK, Germany, France, and Italy

Coffee has long been one of the standard beverages which motivates the world, and where we may think that a capitalization on the coffee market equals coffee consumption, such is not necessarily true. Where the United States does have a large coffee consumer market, Europe has been and still remains the leader in coffee consumption. A recent report showed that Europe averages between 6.8 to 12.0 Kilograms per person per year. The worldwide institute has stated that the Finland is the top consumer of coffee in the world with Germany, France, Italy, and the UK showing large consumption numbers as well.


The popularity of coffee in the European countries has been attributed to several different factors. However, I believe that the main reasons are as follows:

  • Coffee is brewed differently and is understood to have different purposes dependent upon the time of day and occasion whereas in other countries it is scooped out of a bag or put in a plastic cup and guzzled down from a drip maker. Where it is true that there is a growing number of consumers which drink instant coffee and drip coffee, cafes and pressed coffee remains the number one method for preparing coffee.
  • The beans are available locally which allows for a higher and fresher supply on the demand.
  • Europe countries see a longer winter/cold season then other countries.

Which coffees are the most popular in the European area?

Arik Weiss UKI Coffee expert and founder of Doppio Coffee says, “every country has its own particular coffee which is iconic to that region. It is reasonable to believe that coffees which are primarily harvested in a country (such as an Italian blend or a French roast) will be the most popular. Yet again, this may not be the case.” Here are the top consumed coffees in the UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

UK Coffee Consumption

UK coffee consumers account for a great deal of the coffee consumption in Europe. Due to the diversity of people, the beans which are available and consumed on a regular basis is vast. However, a report issued by the Espresso and Coffee Guide has shown that the top coffees in the UK are the Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, Arabica coffee, Java, and Sumatra. As with most European countries, the UK drinks a great deal of their coffee in other methods than just the black or instant coffee. Lattes, espressos, and macchiato are common.

Italy Coffee Consumption

When it comes to the traditional coffees, Italians are as diverse as other countries. They do prefer to have Italian roasts as well as breakfast blends and this is understood as the beans come from that region. Italians are known for their espresso, doppio, macchiato, Lungo, un deca, schiumato, corretto, and of course the latte.

The most popular bean according to the world of Italian coffee is the Arabica varieties of coffee bean. Also used is the Robusta bean which is typically brewed with the Arabica bean.

Germany Coffee Consumption

Coffee in Germany is just if not as popular as some of the beers they produce. It is not uncommon to have coffee and cake throughout the day or during meetings and events. Germans tend to drink a stronger coffee then that of other European countries, but the flavour is not overwhelming or bitter in most cases. Where they do tend to lean on the finer ground coffee brewing, making drinks such as espressos and milchkaffee, there is little to no sugar added to most of the directly or drip brewed coffee. Sumatra coffee as well as the other top five coffees in the world are consumed regularly (source:

France Coffee Consumption

It is true that if you go to France, you will more than likely be offered some form of a French roast coffee. However, this is a bit cliché and is not typical of local coffee consumers. Most prefer to have a costa coffee, an Arabica bean, Italian bean, or a Tanzanian bean variety coffee. Depending on the café that you attend there may be a large selection of beans from any of the surrounding countries brought in quite regularly.

Coffee Consumption in Europe vs the rest of the world

Coffee Consumption in Europe defines the consumption habits of the rest of the world. As the Continent is the leader in the amount of consumption per person as well as in coffee imports and exports, it is very rich in its coffee diversity. It can be expected that the traditional beans will be the most popular in their native countries (such as Italian with Italy), but it can also be predicted that any new bean which has a robust flavour and becomes popular in other areas of the world is already being largely consumed in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy.