Top Tips for the Perfect Christmas Dinner

Ruffle your Roasts – the perfect roast potato is an integral yet very stressful part of a winning Christmas dinner, or even a winning Christmas day depending on how serious you are about your potatoes. The trick to a perfectly crispy outside and a light and fluffy centre is by shaking (ruffle) the boiled potatoes to break the outside that forms a crust when cooked. Also, ensure the oil in your oven tray is boiling hot before you add your potatoes to roast.

Sprouts – You either love them or hate them, but this top tip will ensure you enjoy a sprout or two this Christmas! Part-boil your sprouts then chop in half and roast in a little oil and butter with some chopped bacon for a delicious treat. You can also add a drizzle of honey for a touch of sweetness that works perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon and buttery-ness of the sprouts. You’ll forget your eating sprouts!

Gravy – For the perfect gravy, sit your meat on some chopped onions and carrots while it cooks. These will absorb all the delicious meet juices. Combine the veg and stock when making the gravy and whizz together. Sieve back into a small saucepan and cook further for the tastiest, thick gravy. If you want your gravy darker- add a dash of soy sauce, this will add richness in flavour and colour.