What Kind of Meats Can You Cook Using Food Smokers?

Summer is finally here and what better time to invite your friends, family and guests round, to not only spend time together, but also to enjoy some quality food. For many people up and down the country the traditional way to prepare food in the summer months is to use a BBQ, but did you know you can also use a food smoker? This is a great healthy way to cook food, but for those who are unaware of the benefits, let’s take a closer look at what kinds of meats you can cook using this device.

As the name suggests, this is exactly how food is cooked when using a food smoker – by smoking it.  Sausages, bacon and ham, in addition to other types of food such as fish and cheese can all be cooked and heated using a food smoker. This creates a unique taste in itself, adding another dimension to your cooking. So if you are thinking about having a BBQ in the next couple of months, a food smoker can be used to cook meats alongside your existing BBQ to really mix up the flavours for your guests.

There are different variations in food smoker designs too. For example, if you need a small smoker to use on a trip away or a large free standing one for the garden, there are plenty of options available. Some designs will feature a fire at the base of the smoker and then racked shelves above for the food; however, smaller smokers can be used on a hob or even on the BBQ too. So whatever your needs, you’ll be able to find the right type of smoker to cook and heat your favourite meats.

Let’s look at a very probably scenario.  When you invite people round your house for a BBQ, you can use the food smoker to cook bacon whilst the burgers are cooking on the BBQ.  This means all of the food will be ready at the same time. In addition, your guests will get the best of both worlds in terms of taste and quality.

Another scenario could involve taking a smoker away with you when embarking on a short trip. If you are camping or going on a short self-catered break, you can take a small food smoker with you and cook various meats as and when you choose. Again, this depends on the variation of design, but it allows you to cook when you, your friends or family want those smoky flavoured meats – a perfect accompaniment when on holiday.

When cooking your food, be careful not to burn yourself if your device uses a natural flame that is exposed. When cooking a large amount of food there will obviously be some smoke in the air, so make sure you can see what you are doing when preparing your meal.  When you smoke food it will last longer once it’s ready, but it’s vital to always ensure that the meats are cooked thoroughly and they are not pink inside. You don’t want to give your guests food poisoning, so avoid this scenario by checking before serving.

If you’re looking to cook for your guests in the home or cook on a trip away, a food smoker is a great way to cook various foods and add that all important flavour to your food.

This guest post has been provided by UK Garden Living, a provider of cooking equipment and garden essentials.