Guest post from Mark Johnson who focuses here on the different exotic live lobster recipes.  Seafood junkies will love these mouth watering dishes in the restaurant or can try them out these recipes at home.

Delicious Lobster Recipes for Sea Food Junkies

Lobsters are the palatable delicacies which can be cooked very easily. Lobsters when cooked for a longer period of time tend to become stiff and chewy. Many sea food junkies love boiled, baked, and grilled lobster accompanied with barbecue mayonnaise, while others prefer lobster cutlets, lobster patties, lobster curry, or potted lobster. Before indulging in exotic lobster recipes you need to make sure that that they are fresh, premium quality and preferably alive.

Lobster meat can be used to prepare various delectable delicacies such as lobster bisque soup, lobster salads, lobster stews, lobster rolls, lobster pizza, and lobster sauce. Lobster curry prepared with coconut, lobster dumplings in hot and sour soup, and lobster Thai curry are some of the succulent lobster dishes

Recipe of lobster patties – you need minced lobster, anchovy sauce, a few drops of béchamel, lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste to prepare this lip-smacking lobster recipe.

Potted lobster – to prepare this awesome lobster recipe you will need lobster meat, pounded mace, grated nutmeg, butter, white pepper powder, bay leaves, and salt to taste. Neatly remove the lobster meat from the shell. Place it in a greased baking dish. To it add all the seasonings and bay leaves. You need to cover the entire thing with butter and place it in a pre-heated oven. Bake the dish for round about 30-35 minutes. When you are done with the baking process, take a sieve and drain the content of the baking dish.  You will need a potting jar to keep the meat.

Lobster cutlets – the ingredients required to prepare this recipe are lobster, bread crumbs, eggs, pounded mace, nutmeg powder, butter, pepper, and salt. You will have to mix the lobster meat and butter thoroughly. To the mixture add other seasonings, salt and freshly ground pepper. Pound them well enough, to turn it into a nice, smooth paste. You should take care of the fact, that there are no large chunks of meat present in the mixture. Dab few drops of oil on your palm and then take a lump of the paste made of lobster meat. Give them the shape of cutlet. You can either brush them or dip them in beaten egg. Next you need to use bread crumbs to coat the cutlets and slowly release them in the frying pan. Fry the cutlets till they turn nice brown in color. Serve them with salad and sauce.