The Paleo Diet has become huge over the last few years, but most people will never follow it and I’ve talked about some of the reasons why.

You might have heard of the Paleo Diet, but have you actually tried it yet? Once people test it out for themselves they don’t usually stick to it. The people that do usually see great results, but why do people fall back into the habit of eating like a modern person as opposed to a caveman? Let’s look at some of the reasons why the paleo way of life is usually avoided.

Most people love bread

If you’ve been brought up eating bread with every meal it’s very hard to cut it out of your diet overnight. Think about all those poor people who take sandwiches to their work every day. Are they supposed to eat a few slices of meat because they have nothing to put at either side of it? No bread equals no toast, so that means breakfast will have to change for millions of people too. They can’t even switch to cereal and milk because those are off limits.

Cakes and pies are happy food

When you stick a delicious cake inside your mouth it brings a smile to your face. Maybe it’s because you know you’re doing something wrong, but you don’t care because cake tastes so good. Pies make us feel very happy too, but they’ve been banned by the paleo gods. I’m sure someone will teach you to come up with a cake or pie that paleo allows, but if they don’t contain ingredients like sugar or flour you might as well not bother.

I’m a wannabe athlete

Paleo followers are quick to jump on the fact your body doesn’t need carbohydrates to survive. That is true so you can allow them to pat themselves on the back. Things are a little different when you compete in a sport because you need carbohydrates for energy. Don’t believe anyone who says you can get enough energy from carrots and lean chicken. Ask them if they can name any elite athletes at the top of their field who don’t eat any carbs.

Paleo is too restrictive

Some restaurants don’t have a lot of meals on the menu and you can only pick from a few choices every time you go. At least when you’re at home you can cook almost anything in the world as long as it’s within your budget. Start telling yourself you won’t eat certain things and your choice of dishes gets a lot smaller, especially when you cut our carbs and dairy because most meals contain one or the other.

Vegetarians are in trouble

I feel sorry for vegetarians who stick to the Paleo Diet because they must eat the same meals for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Does anyone honestly believe there were any vegetarian cavemen thousands of years ago? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it’s not very healthy to live on berries and nuts. Luckily most vegetarians shun the Paleo Diet because they love nothing more than a big serving of carbs.

Paleo is a fantasy diet

Most people are picking and choosing things as they go along and they’re certainly not eating a proper caveman diet. I wasn’t alive thousands of years ago, but I can’t imagine cows were stuffed with grains. People on one continent wouldn’t have had access to certain foods on other continents, yet paleo doesn’t address this. Even the fruit we eat these days has been genetically modified so everything is bigger and juicier.

The Paleo Diet is great

Don’t be scared if you want to test out the Paleo Diet because it’s not actually too bad provided you find enough things to eat. You might even start to feel better once you stop eating grains and dairy. Just don’t start following the diet because you want to be cool.

Anna David, the author of this article, is part of the team with, Fresh Produce Displays, reputable dealers of cabinets & refrigeration equipments. She is an avid reader and enjoys watching her favourite sitcoms in the evenings.