The spring is coming and so are a couple of great holidays and a lot of birthdays. All these occasions are a good excuse for eating food in the outdoors. Get out your picnic basket and get your BBQ set ready for a sunny afternoon. If anything, last year has taught us to enjoy the early days of spring rather than waiting for the sun in summer. It could all be over before the end of May.


So do make sure you make the best out of every weekend, with a picnic in the park, the forest or just the first patch of green you find in your neighbourhood. Stuck for good food idea’s to bring round? Here are a few ideas just to keep your taste buds going and to bring the perfect food for the first picnic of spring 2012.


The French know their food and quiche is one of the best things to have ever crossed the Channel.  It does take some time and effort to make a quiche but it looks festive and tastes great when left cold. Besides that, a quiche compliments almost any other dish because the flavours are often delicate and light.


Salads are fresh, healthy and versatile. When they are prepared well they are much more than just a side dish or a garnish. Think of a rich couscous salad with goat’s cheese or a pasta salad with homemade pesto and pine nuts.

Mix and dips

This is especially easy when you are not quite sure what everyone else is bringing. Or when you know there are quite a few picky eaters amongst the attendees. Finger food can be anything from Greek mezze to Spanish tapas. Just bring some homemade dips such as hummus, guacamole, pesto or baba ganoush. Add to that some lovely flatbread, olives and stuffed vine leaves and you will have created a small flavour feast for everyone present.
Finger sandwiches

Who does not like a well-filled sandwich with cured meat, tuna, cheese or chicken? The size does not only make them look more playful it also enables everyone to pick and mix, which is always a good attribute during a picnic. It is all about sharing when enjoying food outdoors.

Food hampers

If you are really stuck on money, time or ideas than it might be worth to have a look for readymade hampers. There are several great British gourmet food traiteurs that deliver food hampers to your doorstep. The food hampers are assembled on the day and vary from company to company. When you start searching you will find a multitude of options in price, size and assortment. You will find birthday present hampers, Picnic hampers, Christmas hampers and Easter hampers. Have a good look around before you choose because you want to make the right impression with the right hamper. It would be a shame if the hamper does not contain enough food or not enough variety.

Whatever you choose to bring this year, make it delicious because you never know when it will start to rain again.