Guest post from Wes Ricketts who is a serial snacker who dreams of losing weight without exercising.  Here Wes offers healthy snack suggestions.

It’s midnight. I just finish prepping for a presentation when my stomach grumbles louder than Rosie O’Donnell after a Bill O’Reilly interview. What are my options? Have Burger King do it my way with a Whopper? Maybe. There’s a Costco-sized box of Ham-and-Cheese Hot Pockets in the freezer, but then I realize it would cost me a pound of flesh and a full hour of “reading the newspaper” in the loo — not to mention a dozen shame-filled stares from my significant other. So in this case, I really have just two options: go healthy or go hungry…

You won’t find the following snacks touted by sous chefs from the top culinary schools in Florida or San Francisco, but if you ever find yourself needing food fast, here are a handful of snacks you may want at the ready:

  • Carrots & hummus. A handful of carrot sticks and some Middle Eastern chickpea goodness provide just the right balance of healthy and savory. And it won’t break the calorie bank, either. Three small carrots and a quarter cup of hummus runs about 80 calories.
  • Go nuts. Almonds, peanuts, cashews and others are full of fiber, healthy fats and vitamin E. And the best part? No prep time and no clean up — unless you miss your mouth during the scoop.
  • The magical fruit. Black-eyed peas and chili, black or pinto beans are protein powerhouses, although the rest of the room may hate you ten minutes later. Try mixing your beans with salsa or guacamole for a little extra zest
  • Yogurt. By itself, this dairy product has enough flavor to entertain your taste buds and fill your stomach. But if you’re like me and need an accessory, throw some on a piece of bread, mix in fresh fruit or use cucumber slices for dipping.
  • Frozen grapes. Whether red or green (I’m partial to green), frozen grapes may be the easiest and best-kept snack secret out there. A great way to fend off hunger and hydrate at the same time.
  • Peanut butter: Another high-protein treat, peanut butter goes with just about anything. Quick ideas: PB&B (bananas), PB&C (celery) and PB&S (spoon).

It’s so tempting to pop a bagel dog in the nuke box and call it good, but doing so night after night can kill your waistline and clog your insides. Bottom line, try something healthy for a change. Don’t like my suggestions? Get some good old fashion online schooling and Google “healthy snacks.” Not only will your body thank you, but you’ll respect yourself in the morning…

Wes Ricketts is a serial snacker devoted to losing weight without exercising. When not stealing ideas from nutrition programs online, he scours the web for tips, tricks and recipes to facilitate his lethargic lifestyle.